Questions to Ask All Your Wedding Vendors

Before selecting your vendors, it's important to know exactly what to expect. So many problems can be avoided by clear communication and expectations. Of course, no matter how much you plan beforehand, accidents happen and things go wrong. However, the majority of horror stories I've heard brides run into could have been avoided if they simply asked the right questions before booking their vendor.

Here are a list of helpful questions compiled from all across the web! (Answers from Quora, Josh Howell Photography, etc.)


  1. Do they include a Day-of-Coordinator? Are they paid separately or through the venue?

  2. Is event insurance needed? If so, how much?

  3. What happens in the event of rain (if it’s outside)?

  4. Can you have candles?

  5. Does this price include all taxes and fees?

  6. How much is the deposit?

  7. What time do vendors have to set up and break down?

  8. Can you have fireworks/sparkler exits?

  9. What space will be used for getting ready?

  10. Do they have a payment plan?

  11. Is there a curfew?

  12. What amenities come with the venue? Chairs, tables, linens, kitchen utensils?

  13. Ask for their recommended lists of vendors, and if any give discounts through their referral.


First, ask to see FULL galleries from 2-3 weddings minimum and look through all the photos. Social media is just their highlight reel!

  1. Are you licensed?

  2. How many years have you been doing photography?

  3. Is it possible to meet or schedule a phone call to answer my questions and discuss the details?

  4. Do you require a deposit?

  5. What happens if I reschedule or cancel and have already paid a deposit?

  6. What all is involved in your contract, can you explain it to me?

  7. Would you consider changing the contract for me if I had a specific request?

  8. Do you have a travel fee?

  9. Do you shoot natural or artificial light?

  10. If both, can I choose what I’d like you to use?

  11. What all is covered in the shoot I’m interested in booking?

  12. Do you shoot only poses, only candid or both?

  13. What is the flow of a typical session usually like?

  14. How many outfits can I change into for the session I want?

  15. Do you charge per hour, per photo or per the type of session?

  16. Can I make editing requests after the photos are finished?

  17. What happens if I don’t like the photos?

  18. If you're planning on outdoor photos, ask about what they'd do if the sun is really bright (you risk getting blown out) or if it's raining.

  19. If your package includes a second shooter, ask who the second shooter is, what experience they have, and ask to see their work too.

  20. See if they have prints-- make sure their prints are actually professional quality and don't look pixilated or too soft

Other than that, just feel it out! You really need someone you get along with and feel comfortable with, because they'll be with you ALL day!


  1. What is the cost per head?

  2. Do you allow different combinations of sides instead of the listed meals?

  3. What’s the latest date you can change the headcount with them?

  4. If their cooks are sick, do they have a replacement?

  5. Can you get a cheaper price if they omit an item in the meals they offer?

  6. Will they deliver, serve or require pick up?

  7. If they deliver or serve, does that cost an extra fee?

  8. Do they have propane chafing pans for free or to rent to keep the food warm?


  1. Do they charge per hour or do they have set wedding packages?

  2. Do they have lights and more than one speaker?

  3. Can you rent lapel mics for the ceremony from them?

  4. Do they charge extra for staying late, and how much?

  5. Do they have a set list already, and can you change some songs or make your own playlist?

  6. Are they PG or can they really pump up the crowd once the kids leave?

  7. Do they have a projector you can rent for childhood photos or gone but not forgotten videos?

  8. Do they have a dance floor if the venue doesn’t, and does it cost extra?

  9. Ask the DJ if they have game ideas, and if so what exactly will they be doing? (To ensure it will be appropriate if kids will be present).

  10. Do they provide a table cloth or do you have too?

  11. Do they have lighting?

  12. Do they want a meal?

  13. Will they come to the rehearsal?

  14. Do they need a song list from you?

  15. Will they be making announcements too?

  16. How much time do they need to set up?

  17. Do they need wifi?

  18. Have they been to the venue before?


  1. Can you order in bulk for the bridesmaids' bouquets, but make yours. (If you want to DIY the bridesmaids' ones at a cheaper price).

  2. Ask what’s in season before showing what you want and asking it be exactly that.

  3. Ask if she gives a discount for large orders.

  4. Do they deliver or require pick up? If they deliver, does that require a fee?

  5. How long will the flowers last that you choose?

  6. What’s the best way to preserve them?

  7. Have they made an after wedding shadow box before and how much would it be?

  8. Can they travel to the venue to help set up the floral decorations or do they set up everything there as much as possible and have you pick it up?

  9. Do they have vases you can rent for table decor?

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  1. How many hours does the price include?

  2. Is the resolution of the camera 1080p?

  3. Do you use a drone and if so do you have a permit?

  4. Have you shot at this location before?

  5. What is their ceremony positioning (do they block your guests view)?

  6. Length of the final edited video?

  7. Will you have the option to view the bloopers that didn’t “make the cut”?

  8. What’s the estimated return time of video?

  9. How do you get the video back? Online, dvd, usb, etc? If dvd, how many do you get?

  10. Do they have mics you'll wear during your vows?

  11. How many of them will be there filming?

  12. Will you get to keep the raw footage? If not all, at least the raw footage of the speeches?

  13. Do you get a one-minute highlight video prior to the final edit?

  14. Do you get to pick the song(s) they will play?

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